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Current show

Strictly Reggae

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Fabi Benz

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Germaica Mondaze

w/ Fabi Benz Stuttgart

Fabi Benz, also known as Filio, launched the Reggae Bash Online-Magazine in autumn 2005. A few months later he and Selecta B-Low founded a Soundsystem of the same name in January 2006. The Sound’s progress and growth soon included the joining of two new members, and friends, Simon and Frank.

For nine years, Fabi led the Stuttgart Sound, Reggae Bash-and over this time traveled across Europe and Jamaica sharing their passion for Reggae and Dancehall music. Their dossier includes performances on the stages of the Summerjam Festival and Chiemsee Reggae Summer.

Despite Reggae Bash growing success, in December 2014, Fabi Benz made a strategic play and joined the Soundsystem of his long-standing buddies Tommy Dollar and Ali Bling – City Lock Int’l.
The success built from this new team led to Fabi’s opportunity to perform at the Carnival Of Culture in Berlin and competing against Earthruler and Rootsman in a soundclash in Brooklyn. In addition, Fabi was invited to Washington D.C. to present himself to the US crowd.

Followed by further shows in the USA (LA, Seattle, Fort Lauderdale, Maryland and more), all over Europe from Italy to Poland and in Jamaica.


In 2017, the US-based radio station Ablazin Radio FM invited Fabi to join their program with a weekly show, later named Germaica Mondaze (Mondays 2-4 pm Eastern Time).

The use of “Germaica” in its name got the attention of German Reggae-innovator, Pioneer of Germaica Digital Label, giving rise to a new partnership between Fabi and him: “Our mission is to produce good music which provides true joy.”

This collaboration has led to the remixes Txtin by Alkaline & WSTRN and Gal Clown by Govana. And newly released original productions with Lukie D, Kalado, Oriel and Bobby Hustle.

Through his own passion and love for what he does, Fabi Benz is motivated to spread positive vibes through good Caribbean music. With his years of experience, playing music on a weekly basis, his knowledge and skills transcend across various genres, namely Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Afrobeats, and HipHop.


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