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Entertainment Entrepreneur Christal Jordan Transitions into Real Estate

Written by on February 3, 2020

As stated by The Atlanta Voice|Atlanta GA News (2020), as an entertainment entrepreneur and connoisseur of the genre, the effervescent Christal Jordan is inextricably intertwined within the thriving Black Hollywood scene in Atlanta and the Southeast.

Jordan, the astute owner of Enchanted Branding & Public Relations, a boutique entertainment agency, can quickly discern emerging trends before they are noticeable to others. She also recognized the evolving brand identity of the Capital of the New South — better known as the city of Atlanta — and she penned a piece on its metamorphosis for a national publication titled, “Atlanta Boosts Its International Status and Brand.” (The Atlanta Voice, 2020).

The article attracted the attention of Larry Wu, founder of UC Asset, an international real estate investment company committed to becoming an integral part of the city’s new development (The Atlanta Voice, 2020).

The firm secured properties in North and West Atlanta for the company’s portfolio, resulting in growth from $2 MM of AUM to almost $10 MM of AUM in only three years, and its net equity has grown from $1.16 per share to about $1.49 per share (The Atlanta Voice, 2020).

Wu reached out to Jordan and asked her opinion on the city’s upcoming growth strategy. Several conversations lead to Jordan becoming the company’s Investor Relations Director (The Atlanta Voice, 2020).


“Coming on board with a real estate investment firm a year before the company goes public has been hectic but I’m so excited,” Jordan said. “I’ve been able to see the importance of real estate investment in my own life. So many Americans slaving at a nine to five or even a nine to nine and they put their money in their bank or in their safe thinking they are being responsible (The Atlanta Voice, 2020).

“I wish more people understood how investing wisely can change their economic status,” she added. “I come from a background of helping celebrities fix their image and position them for more opportunities, but today I get to help the average American position themselves for a better financial future and that feeling is amazing,” Jordan said (The Atlanta Voice, 2020).

Wu said Jordan’s experience and expertise navigating the complex celebrity terrain and people with means for many years is proving to be an invaluable asset (The Atlanta Voice, 2020).

“(Jordan) has been working with many high net worth clients, particularly in the entertainment industry, so she is very familiar with the challenges those people face in asset and wealth management,” Wu tells the Atlanta Voice. “We always say that it’s key to success that you can ask the right question. (Jordan) joined us with the right questions. It will be up to us to work out the right solutions.” (The Atlanta Voice, 2020).

“But our business has a dual goal mission: we make money for our high net worth investors,” he continued. “Meanwhile, we want to make positive changes to local communities and provide for our customers with better and affordable houses. As a female enabler who devoted much time to serve the community, (Jordan) is a great fit to this job.” (The Atlanta Voice, 2020).

As metro Atlanta was transitioning into a marquee international city, Jordan said she also realized that she needed to evolve herself as well. And her current position at UC Asset will soon afford her the opportunity to live the lifestyle of the entertainment clientele she served faithfully for more than a decade (The Atlanta Voice, 2020).

To read more, visit: https://www.theatlantavoice.com/articles/entertainment-entrepreneur-christal-jordan-transitions-into-real-estate/

Works Cited: The Atlanta Voice|on February 02, 2020. “Entertainment Entrepreneur Christal Jordan Transitions into Real Estate: The Atlanta Voice.” The Atlanta Voice|Atlanta GA News, The Atlanta Voice, 3 Feb. 2020, www.theatlantavoice.com/articles/entertainment-entrepreneur-christal-jordan-transitions-into-real-estate/.

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